Vigo Kombucha


VIGO is a natural antioxidant, it assists metabolism, immune system and has a detoxicating action.
VIGO is an excellent alternative to all artificial or highly sweetened carbonated drinks.




Kombucha symbiotic colony, it is a herbal mushroom originating from Asia. It has been known for over two thousand years and it has been used in natural medicine for centuries because of its antioxidant, cleansing and organism strengthening properties. One may drink it in the morning – as a morning wake-up drink, during the day – as a dose of additional energy and also in the evening as a cleansing cocktail.

Virtues of VIGO™:

Lactic acid

Protects the intestinal walls, counteracts constipation and neutralises blood acidity by regulating its pH level.

Malic acid

Has a detoxicating action that is it assists the organism naturally to remove toxins and accumulated impurities.

Apple vinegar

VIGO contains an aqueous solution, which helps metabolism and the heart function, reduces the level cholesterol counteracting atherosclerosis. It strengthens teeth and equally the gums. It has an antifungal action – combats candida. It possesses antibacterial and disinfecting properties. An aqueous solution of acetic acid is has a primarily antioxidising action, therefore reducing free radicals causing the progression of ageing processes, it is also beneficial for the condition of skin and hair and hence it is frequently called the elixir of youth.


VIGO is a source of niacin that is vitamin B3 (PP), which performs the important role of eliminating so-called bad cholesterol and fat, in so doing supporting the production of so-called good cholesterol. Vitamin B3 is essential during the course of the process of metabolic change. It helps those in the struggle with obesity who struggle with the problem of additional kilograms. Niacin equally widens blood vessels and also participates in the creation of red corpuscles; it has a positive influence on blood pressure. Furthermore it assists the working of the nervous system and also enhances the resistance of the organism.

Vitamin B6

VIGO provides vitamin B6, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system and also enhances the resistance of the organism – participating in the creation of antibodies. Vitamin B6 helps counteract obesity, rheumatism and the risk of cerebral stroke. It has an influence on blood pressure, muscle cramps and heart function (it is essential to the production of haemoglobins).


VIGO contains biotin that is Vitamin B7, which serves as a carrier of carbon dioxide in the processes of transformation of matter. It has a role in the metabolisms of proteins and fats, has a role in the synthesis of fatty acids and in the absorption of vitamin C. Biotin equally assists the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Vitamin B7 has a role together with vitamin K in the synthesis of protrombin, which is essential for blood coagulation. Biotin prevents hair greying and hair loss. It improves memory and learning effectiveness, soothes nerves, increases resistance to stress, prevents anaemia and improves appetite.

Vitamin B12

VIGO equally contains vitamin B12, which improves memory and the effectiveness of learning, soothes nerves, increases resistance to stress, counteracts anaemia and improves appetite.